David Garrett: Rock Revolution Limited Edition Fanbox
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Rock Revolution Limited Edition Fanbox

David Garrett

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  • Release Date 15 September 2017
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CD Box Set

A Paganini among pop stars, and a Jimi Hendrix among violinists, David Garrett is the “Devil’s Violinist” of our age, an international superstar who blurs the lines between Mozart and Metallica.

Praised for pioneering the modern crossover trend, as well as his exceptionally virtuous playing, David Garrett is equally at home performing the most intricate classical compositions with the world’s leading conductor’s and orchestras, as well as the most crowd pleasing stadium rock hits.

Admired by millions of fans around the world, David Garrett has earned 23 Gold and 16 Platinum awards around the world – from Germany to Hong Kong, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, and many more!

David Garrett combines rock star charisma with the kind of virtuosity innate only to the best instrumentalists of our time.

Boxset Includes


Box (c. 164 x 217 x 36.5mm) with Inner Fitting &
Slip Case with Cut Outs!

Merch items
  • 5 x Polaroid-style photos of David
  • 1 x Beanie
  • 1 x Paper Notebook
  • 1 x Pencil
CD Tracklisting
1 In The Air Tonight  
2 Born In The USA  
3 Stairway To Heaven  
4 Superstition  
5 Bitter Sweet Symphony  
6 Killing In The Name  
7 Purple Rain  
8 Eye Of The Tiger  
9 Fix you  
10 Concerto No. 1  
11 The Well Dressed Guitar  
12 You´re The Inspiration  
13 Duel Guitar vs. Violin  
14 Bohemian Rhapsody  
15 Earth Song  
DVD Tracklisting
1 Bitter Sweet Symphony (Official Video)  
2 Superstition – RTK Live In Cologne  
3 Purple Rain – RTK Live In Cologne  
4 Stairway To Heaven (Official Video)  
5 Born the USA – RTK Live In Cologne  
6 In the Air Tonight (Official Video)  
7 Killing in the name of - RTK Live In Cologne  
8 Duel Guitar vs. Violin - RTK Live In Cologne  
9 You're the inspiration – RTK Live In Cologne  

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