Craig Armstrong: Sun On You

Sun On You

Craig Armstrong

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  • Release Date 07 September 2018
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Award winning film composer Craig Armstrong, famous for scores from films such as Love Actually, Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, is releasing an album of compositions for strings and piano. Craig has created this record in collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble and intends for the music to slow the world down and give listeners a moment to breathe.

1 Sun On You  
2 If You Should Fall  
3 Restart  
4 Marelle  
5 Mono  
6 Shifted  
7 Somewhere  
8 Alti  
9 For Emma  
10 Half Light  
11 Sleep  
12 Hanami  
13 Ondine  
14 Soft Patterns  
15 In A Soft Place  
16 Saudade  

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