Jacob Collier

Djesse Vol. 4 LP


Release date: 1 March, 2024


Crafted in the famed studio beside his London bedroom, as well as various corners of the globe, Djesse has explored Jacob Collier’s wildest dreams, and Vol. 4 brings the series to a most dramatic and thrilling conclusion. While his music is proudly unclassifiable, Collier enters a distinct sonic universe with each volume, which he likens to the different phases of a day. With Vol. 4, the saga ends at the incandescent light of dawn, alchemising a full spectrum of emotion into a massive, joyous moment of awakening and human potential.

Djesse Vol 4 features “Witness Me” featuring Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes, British rap titan Stormzy, and 19-time Grammy-winning gospel legend Kirk Franklin .


“Witness Me” is a transformative, rousing gospel-inspired anthem, a collision of four distinct music worlds, all within Collier’s singular style. Featuring a cast of musical heavyweights such as only Collier could assemble, the song celebrates the radical power of empathy.

Vinyl LP