Ludovico Einaudi

Le Onde: Grey Marble 2LP


Release date: 24 November, 2023

Released in 1996, Le Onde "The Waves" was the first solo piano album released by Ludovico Einaudi. The incredible work featured the following quote from the man himself. "If it were a story it would be set on the seafront of a long beach. A beach without beginning and without end. The story of a man who walks along this shore and perhaps never meets anyone. His gaze lingers occasionally to look at some object or fragment brought from the sea. The footprints of a crab or a solitary seagull. I always take the sand, the sky, some clouds, the sea. Only the waves change, always the same and different, smaller. larger. Shorter. Longer." Now released on Grey Marble Vinyl for the very first time.

LP1 - Side A

1. Canzone Popolare (Francia1500 ca.)
2. Le Onde
3. Lontano
4. Ombre

LP1 - Side B
1. La Linea Scura
2. Tracce
3. Questa Notte
4. Le Onde

LP2 - Side C
1. Sotto Vento
2. Dietro L'incanto
3. Onde Corte

LP2 - Side D
1. La Profondità Del Buio
2. Passaggio
3. L’ultima volta

Vinyl LP