Johnathan Blake

Passage: CD


Release date: 11 August, 2023

Jonathan Blake follows up his acclaimed 2021 Blue Note debut Homeward Bound with Passage, that once again features his band Pentad ( Immanuel Wilkins on alto saxophone, Joel Ross on vibraphone, David Virelles on piano, and Dezron Douglas on bass). Dedicated to the memory of his father John Blake Jr. whose stirring composition “Passage” gives the album its title, the 10-track album also features five new originals by Blake, as well as pieces by Douglas, Virelles, and Blake’s drum teacher and mentor Ralph Peterson Jr.

1.      Lament For Lo 
2.      Passage
3.      Muna & Johna’s Playtime
4.      Tiempos
5.      Groundhog Day
6.      Tears I Cannot Hide
7.      A Slight Taste (Dez Intro)
8.      A Slight Taste
9.      Out of Sight, Out of MInd
10.    West Berkely St.

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