Jack Herer

I Came For The Rain: Vinyl 2LP


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Release date: 22 October, 2021

Jack Herer (no relation to Jack Herer, author), from XXXXXXXX, is known by many for his innate music ability. Written and recorded in one afternoon, “I Came For The Rain” is the first project to be released by Jack Herer. Reluctant to reveal any information about themselves, the music exists solely to act as a musical escape - and to embody whatever meaning the listener is seeking. While we may know very little about the details of Jack Herer, we can assure you that his music will leave you in a state of pure cerebral elevation.

1    Always     
2    Walking Pastime     
3    Don't Eat The Green Grass     
4    Simply I Can     
5    Came For The Rain     
6    Take Too Long     
7    Trying To Clever     
8    A Cab     
9    Ybbut Gnik     
10    Winding Together     
11    Connected Always     
12    Play In Joy     
13    Clue In The Music     
14    Allid Yaj     
15    Don't Fret     
16    Finally I Found You

Vinyl LP