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PIOMBO - Italian Crime Soundtracks From The Years Of Lead (1973-1981) Collector's Edition (Gatefold 2LP + 7” with 2 Bonus Tracks + Original Poster)


Release date: 18 November, 2022

Introducing a new CAM Sugar collection on Italian crime soundtracks (Poliziottesco / Spaghetti Crime); PIOMBO paints a ‘picture in sound’ of The Years of Lead (1973–1981), a controversial period when the escalation of political violence and terrorism in Italy reached its climax. Italian cinema documented this season with Polizieschi (aka Spaghetti Crime Films / Poliziotteschi / Euro Crime): a genre that, drawing from the French Polar tradition and American Blaxploitation, encompassed thrill and action (but also comedy and drama) in a whirlwind of breath-taking car chases, heists, kidnaps, gunfights, political terror attacks, and brutal violence.

Polizieschi’s soundtracks were tense, aggressive and hallucinated: they embraced balaclava-clad Blaxploitation sound where brass-led themes were laid on a sonic bed made of propulsive bass lines, haunting drum beats, wah wah guitars, latin percussion highlights, and epic strings nodding to disco.

The sound of the collection is various and tremendously contemporary (this genre was sampled by the likes of Madlib and synched by Quentin Tarantino): its core is American jazz-funk, with episodes of acid progressive rock (“Il grande racket”, composed by the De Angelis brothers, Guido and Maurizio, for Enzo G. Castellari’s masterpiece), synth-infused disco music of Stelvio Cipriani (“Body Guard”, one of the 9 previously unreleased treasures of this compilation), electronic music and more.

1    Side A     
2    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Body Guard (Vocal Version)     
3    Side B     
4    MANUEL DE SICA – Montreal (Alt. Take)"     
1    BRUNO NICOLAI – L’uomo della strada fa giustizia (Finale)     
2    GUIDO & MAURIZIO DE ANGELIS – Silkin’ Street     
3    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Poliziotto Sprint – M2**     
4    RIZ ORTOLANI – Il cappotto dilegno (edit)     
5    FILIPPO TRECCA – Onore eGuapparia – M7**     
6    STELVIO CIPRIANI – La fuga continua     
7    CARLO SAVINA – Ordine firmato inbianco**     
1    RIZ ORTOLANI – L’intoccabile Mr.Cliff     
2    PAOLO VASILE – Tema B     
3    ROBERTO PREGADIO – I gabbianivolano basso – M13**     
4    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Speed Driver – Seq. 2     
5    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Bersaglio altezzauomo (Titoli)     
1    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Body Guard**     
2    VASSILI KOJUCHAROV – Il braccioviolento della mala – M10**     
3    FRANCO MICALIZZI – Delitto aPorta Romana – Seq. 9     
4    LUIS BACALOV – L’assassino hale ore contate**     
5    FRANCO CAMPANINO – L’ambizioso – Seq. 5     
6    GUIDO & MAURIZIO DE ANGELIS – Ilgrande racket (Titoli)     
1    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Cani arrabbiati(Titoli)     
2    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Mafia, unalegge che non perdona – Seq. 10*     
3    MANUEL DE SICA – I Guerrieridel Terrore (Tema Inseguimento A) **     
4    LUIS BACALOV – L’uomo chesfidò l’organizzazione (Edit) *     
5    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Azionecommando     
6    MANUEL DE SICA – Montreal     
7    STELVIO CIPRIANI – Avvoltoi sullacittà (Titoli)     
8    FRANCO CAMPANINO – FangoBollente – M31**

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