Aled Jones

One Voice - Full Circle: Signed CD


Release date: 27 October, 2023

Signed by Aled Jones.

Here we go again! It’s the 40th anniversary of the release of my very first album ‘Diolch a Chan’, and so it’s very fitting that I have been able to make this very personal album combining my treble and baritone voices, together in harmony. It’s the fourth (and probably final) instalment in the One Voice project, which has been so very special to me.  Judging by the amazing sales and comments,  it’s humbling to know that you feel the same.  Who knew back in 1983 that I’d still be following my singing dream and still be fortunate enough to be releasing albums. And being able to combine old and new too! Magic!

Being able, through the wonders of technology to combine both my young and older voices has been a surreal, thrilling and unique experience.  No one has ever been able to do it this way before. Believe me when I say that performing with ‘little Aled’ is a very special, life-changing experience. ‘Little Aled’ is very much in the past but he is also very much who I am now.  There are moments on this record when the only thing separating ‘little’ and ‘old’ are years and octaves. Everything else is the same! 

I do not underestimate the joy that singing gives me.  There have been times in the past when I lost sight a little of just how much I love it.  The singing has always been in me and being able to delve into my past career has definitely reignited a spark in me now. I am at my happiest when I’m singing.

1. Bright Eyes  
2. Sea Fever 
3. Scarborough Fair 
4. Where ‘ere You Walk 
5. Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn
6. Sailing 
7. Trees 
8. Panis Angelicus
9. At the River 
10. Brand New Day 
11. Ave Maria
12. Sarah (Mi Glywaf Dyner Lais)
13. Pie Jesu
14. Walking in the Air (Piano Version)

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