Imelda May

11 Past The Hour / Slip Of The Tongue


Release date: 24 October, 2020

This special release features brand new music from Imelda May "11 Past The Hour" and "Never Look Back" bundled with Imelda’s limited edition 10” EP ‘Slip Of The Tongue’. Together in a slipcase with a gold Imelda Logo, the 11 Past The Hour 10 inch EP is a transparent red vinyl with two stunning new songs on the A side and an etched design on the back. Slip Of The Tongue is Imelda's stunning 10 inch debut poetry EP. For those who have not experienced the magic of Imelda’s spoken word, ‘Slip of the Tongue’ is an intriguing introduction to her impressive skill as a poetic storyteller. On this daring new EP with a sensuous female power at its core, she invites fans old and new on a journey, with her voice as the guide. This 10” colour vinyl contains the poetry within the gatefold, and each product is uniquely numbered as part of its limited edition.


1. 11 Past The Hour
2. Never Look Back

1. Home
2. GBH
3. Elephant
4. Becoming
5. Liberty Belle
6. Roses
7. The Word is Out
8. Stay

Vinyl LP