Lemoncello: Blue Vinyl LP


Release date: 3 May, 2024

Laura Quirke and Claire Kinsella’s collaboration charms audiences into a world of intimate observations and uncomfortable questions with irresistible chemistry, charisma, and humour. ‘Why are all the good men, too old, taken or dead?’ The rare alchemy of the duo’s voices together cuts through a minimal and dramatic soundscape; coloured by the warmth and grit of Kinsella’s Cello, and distinctly underpinned by Quirke’s cyclical, trance-like guitar playing. While embedded in Irish and Folk roots, Lemoncello’s sound embraces the freedom of carving out its own song structures, entwined with a love of off-kilter Indie Pop, Jazz extemporisation and Romantic and Contemporary Classical music. A vital voice in the thriving alternative folk scene in Ireland, Lemoncello have been nominated for Best Folk Song and Best Emerging Folk Act at the RTE Radio 1 Folk Awards and opened for and collaborated with many esteemed artists such as Lisa O'Neill, Sam Amidon, Glen Hansard, Cormac Begley & Joshua Burnside. Now, they present their self-titled debut album, available on CD & vinyl.

1. Always Neighbours
2. Sunflower
3. Michael Furey
4. Mantlepeice
5. Harsh Truths
6. Dopamine
7. All The Good Men
8. Old Friend
9. Lafan Love

Vinyl LP