Los Angeles League of Musicians: VInyl LP


Release date: 9 August, 2024

Verve Records is proud to announce (internally) the signing of LA LOM - an instrumental trio deriving from the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles’s music scene, who are seamlessly weaving together the diverse genres and cultures of the city into its music. Standing for The Los Angeles League of Musicians, LA LOM is comprised of LA natives Zac Sokolow (Guitar), Jake Faulkner (Bass), and Nicholas Baker (Drums/Percussion). LA LOM have quickly ascended to playing to thousands of people nightly and have captured the attention of fellow artists from Beck to Vampire Weekend with their unique blend of cinematic, soulful playing crossed with timeless Latin and Soul influences. Their self-titled Verve Records debut, produced by Elliot Bergman (Cage the Elephant, Major Lazer, Wild Belle) will be released August 9.


1 Angels Point 
2 Figueroa
3 Maravilla 
4 ’72 Monte Carlo
5 El Sereno 
6 Lorena
7 Lucia
8 Danza de LA LOM
9 Espejismo 
10 Ghosts of Gardena
11 Moonlight Over Montebello 
12 Rebecca 
13 San Fernando Rose

Vinyl LP